Mohamed Kadri | Inbound Marketing Consultant in Egypt and Gulf Region

Specialized in Healthcare Recruitment, Digital Marketing Training and Pharmaceutical Training & Consultation !

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Mohamed Kadri Professional Summary


Specialties: Pharmaceutical Product Management, Pharmaceutical Sales, Retail Pharmacy Management, Operations Management, Pharmaceutical Staff Recruitment, Clinical Studies Research.


Specialties: Business Training, Marketing Training, Sales Training, Tutorial Video Production, LMS Platforms, Educational Accreditation & Affiliation.


Specialties: Email Marketing, Video Marketing Production, Web Tracking, Web Analytic, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Keywords Researches, Blogging, UX, CMS, SEO.


Mohamed Kadri Business Professionals’ Citations

LinkedIn Testimonials

I worked with Mohamed Kadri for 1 year and half ,Mohamed with good strategic thinking with analytical mind set , usually he is setting SMART KPIs during his business tasks and he is excellent exciter for the engagement projects ,, easily can access his stakeholders with good approach-ability attitude

Dr. Mohamed Kerima
Dr. Mohamed Kerima National Sales Manager , Baxter AG SAUDI ARABIA

Mohamed is very professional in the promotional field, he is result oriented, following the company strategy, hard worker, honest, creative, self starter and ambitious.Mohamed is successful person. Wishing best to him.

Dr. Mahmoud Salem
Dr. Mahmoud Salem District Manager - Falk KSA

Mohamed Kadry considered a one of the most talented managers served with me; during his work he created a brand new digital campaigns for most of OTC portfolio which affected the business remarkably.

Dr. Mohammad Refaat
Dr. Mohammad Refaat Associate Research Scientist | A&M University - Texas,USA

Mohamed is a Knowledgable, Organized and Digital Marketing Expert having a Scientific and Customer Oriented Approach, On the Professional level he succeeded in building the company website and offering innovative interactive solution to our website.

Dr. Tamer Gad
Dr. Tamer Gad Co-founder and Managing Director - NTC

Mohamed is Results oriented, Hard worker , focused on positive results , self starter , self motivation , able to work independent, strong sales and marketing oriented , Good experience in pharmaceutical market.

Dr. Ahmed Refaat
Dr. Ahmed Refaat Regional Area Manager | Invacare - Middle East

MOHAMED is an extraordinary person, always motivated,focused and hard worker. He is also keen on business and creative in doing business.  Training and learning is part of his daily practice  you can rely on him in delivering the business objectives !

Dr. Mohamed Aboelfadl
Dr. Mohamed AboelfadlSenior Product Manager - Jamjoom Pharma

Mohamed is known by his mixing of creativity and leadership, making new ideas come true especially on online related projects with excellent vision and persistence.

Dr. Mohamad Azab
Dr. Mohamad Azab Regional Sales Manager - Beauty and Beyond International

Mohamed is a very talent person with professional training skills and outstanding personality full of active and power with and effective communication and presentation skills with large experience in training, sales and marketing inside Egypt and Gulf region.

Dr. Mohamed Atef
Dr. Mohamed Atef General Manager | Al-Shifa International Group - MENA

Mohamed is one of my colleagues through MIBA in ESLSCA, he is a talented person has a good communication and ideas to be used as an initiative for the success of pharmaceutical organization. He is a self motivated person and always search for the new development.

Dr. Moamen Ibrahim
Dr. Moamen IbrahimProduct Manager - Biomed for Pharmaceutical Industries

Dr. Mohammed Kadry one of the best colleges I worked with. He is qualified person, self starter, motivated to learn,doing Job best,instant, dynamic, genius in terms of critical thinking, managing time. good presenter !

Dr. Ahmed Abdelaziz
Dr. Ahmed AbdelazizSupervisor - October Pharma

Mohamed is one of the best person I had met before, he is very professional man , ambitious, talented and hard worker. when you work or deal with him you will gain a powerful knowledge !

Mr. Said Atef
Mr. Said Atef Controller Mortgage & Cash loan Department - Banque Misr

Mohamed Kadri is one of my best colleague who has good knowledge of marketing terms and tend to analytical thinking as well. further I’m proud if i have person like him in my Mgmt. board of my Organization.

Mr. Ashraf Allam
Mr. Ashraf Allam Sr. CRM Executive - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Dr. Mohamed Kadri is one of the best talented digital marketing expert I have ever met. His experiences boost our business in a proper way. I appreciated his effort in developing our digital marketing strategy and our company website.

Dr. Mohamed Shehab
Dr. Mohamed Shehab CEO - Bepac