Marketing & Training Expertise

Professional Marketing & Training Summary for Mohamed Kadri


Pharma & Healthcare Experience

Mohamed Kadri collaboration with international Companies like Promoitalia enhanced his face-to-face cooperation with cosmoceutical international players. With respect to pharmaceutical background, his two previous positions over six years with one of multinational Swiss companies along with the two major players in KSA, DMSCO and Tabuk, escalate his diverse acquaintance in respect to pharmaceutical and medical experience.

Also his recent marketing and training consultation services with newly established joint-stock pharmaceutical companies in Egypt expand his thorough awareness in respect to medical and pharmaceutical sector as he managed to make full product management and detailed aids materials related to nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical products as well.

Training & e-Learning Experience

Mohamed Kadri appointment with the worldwide industry leading English language provider, British Council, along with his voluntary work with the reputed Irish company, Alison, the free e-Learning provider in business & IT skills, gave him the chance to scope different aspects in the training and educational sector.

Lately, his appointment with one of the top education provider in KSA as a marketing consultant augment his expertise in this sector especially through the full delegation and responsibility to plan how Saudi Academy could spread, Speexx, one of the blended 5 languages online learning provider in KSA.