Product Positioning Case Study Summary and Figure Analysis during Mohamed Kadri Pre-MBA studies.

Product positioning case study analysis was an assignment to Mohamed Kadri marketing class during his marketing diploma at Eslsca college. This assignment was submitted to marketing management course during as a mid-term assessment for class work.

Product positioning figure analysis summarized certain aspects of marketing challenges like:

  1. Distribution channels for different product ranges.
  2. Product ranges sales and profitability.
  3. The international market analysis and main competitors.
  4. Market share for the brand against multiple competitors.
  5. Competitive advantage for specific addresses product range.
  6. Multiple sector analysis for geographic, demographic, psycho-graphic and behavioral segmentation.
  7. Promotional expenditures of brand against competitors.

In this case study there are multiple financial analysis addresses product positioning corresponding to various product segment and approached taken to analyze this case study.