Advanced Selling Skills Outlines during Appointment of Mohamed Kadri as Marketing Trainer

Advanced selling skills training outlines designed by Mohamed Kadri during his appointment with MEC for consultation as marketing trainer.

This outlines are aimed to build on the core selling skills, to introduce more advanced sales concepts, to analyse in depth how behavior impacts on the way customers buy, and to establish ways of identifying these customer preferences thereby converting them into opportunities to sell.

The course provides an introduction that defines what is selling and explain what are the advanced skills needed for a professional salesman. It deeply digs in the importance of identifying the potential prospects and how to plan the sales call. Besides, it explains the advanced methods which can be used to communicate with the potential customers.

It explains how to explore the prospect’s need and how to make a presentation that emphasizes on satisfaction of the discovered need. It also covers the common prospect’s objections and guides you on how to deal with these objections. Finally, advanced selling skills training outlines guides you on how to gain a commitment effectively and how to close a deal with your prospected lead. It is recommended for every company to have a professional sales representative to accelerate the business growth.

Advanced Selling Skills Training Outlines Included :

  1. Introduction to selling.Advanced selling Skills Training Outlines
  2. Foundation of successful selling.
  3. Buying center members and buying motives.
  4. Value building questioning.
  5. Building customer relationships.
  6. Persuasive language.
  7. Dissolving objections.
  8. Closing skills.