Basic Selling Skills Course during Appointment of Mohamed Kadri as Marketing Trainer

Basic Selling Skills Training

Is the first course of two days series designed by Mohamed Kadri during his requested course for Scientists syndicate.

This training course provides an introduction to sales for entry sales people to selling. It provides a brief on selling skills training history, and what are the tasks of salesman, explaining the qualifications required to be a successful salesman. Also it emphasizes on how the salesman developed from the traditional selling methods to the more modern and professional selling tools.

In this basic course, the participant will be learned the basic and fundamental terminologies used in sales field. In addition the course illustrates the basic tools to satisfy your customer needs to gain more revenue. Besides, it demonstrates how to listen effectively and to ask questions to uncover customer needs and opportunities.

This course nourishes you with selling basics no matter what your background, education or experience is, that learning the art and this science can be understood with the right approach and technique. Selling skills is with no doubt the very effective marketing tool to maintain the growth of any business.

Course Covered The Following

  1. Sales Training History
  2. Modern Definition of Selling.basic selling skills short training course
  3. Traditional versus Modern Salesperson.
  4. Selling Terminology.
  5. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  6. Difference between need, want and demand.
  7. The specificity of Pharmaceutical industry.
  8. Buying Center.
  9. Customer Satisfaction.