Marketing Pricing Strategies – Egyptair Marketing Training Course Day (5)

Marketing pricing strategies is the fifth marketing course of 5 days series delivered by Mohamed Kadri during his appointment with MEC for Consultation. Marketing pricing session covers major aspects of product pricing and distribution channels which is crucial for every marketer to understand for best pricing strategies in marketing.

Marketing pricing strategies day 5 event covered the following topics:

  1. Premium Pricing
  2. Penetration Pricing.
  3. Economy Pricing.
  4. Price Skimming

Apart from the main pricing strategy grid that product value are compared to product quality, there are other approached for pricing in marketing like:

  1. Physiological Pricing.
  2. Product Line Pricing.
  3. Optional Product Pricing.
  4. Caption Product Pricing.
  5. Product Bundle Pricing.
  6. Promotional Pricing.
  7. Geographical Pricing.
  8. Value Pricing.

Also, there are important elements that should be tied to marketing pricing strategies that may affect pricing. This is the distribution channels and also called Place in the marketing mix. The main types of intermediaries are:

  1. Wholesales.
  2. Agents.
  3. Retailers.
  4. Internet.