Introduction to Marketing – Egyptair Marketing Training Course Day (1)

Introduction to marketing is a marketing course of 5 days series delivered by Mohamed Kadri during his appointment with MEC for Consultation. This introduction to marketing session covers certain important aspects of direct marketing which is so important for every marketer to acquire for best marketing understanding.

Introduction to marketing day 1 session covered the following topics:

  1. What is Marketing
  2. Who Markets
  3. Simple Marketing System
  4. Marketspace and Marketeplace
  5. Companies Orientation towards marketespace and marketerplace
    1. The Production Concepts.
    2. The Product Concept.
    3. The Selling Concepts.
    4. The Marketing Concepts.
      1. Reactive Market Orientation.
      2. Proactive Market Orientation.
      3. Total Market Orientation.
  6. Why Satisfying Customers?
  7. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  8. Wants, Needs and Demands.
  9. Customers perceived value
    1. Total Customer Benefits.
    2. Total Customer Costs.
  10. Customers Development Process.
  11. Holistic Marketing Concepts.
    1. Relationship Marketing.
    2. Integrated Marketing.
    3. Internal Marketing.
    4. Performance Marketing.
  12. Marketing Management Tasks.

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