Basic Marketing Concepts – Egyptair Marketing Training Course Day (2)

Basic marketing concepts is a marketing course of 5 days series delivered by Mohamed Kadri during his appointment with MEC for Consultation. This introduction to marketing training event covers certain important aspects of direct marketing which is so important for every marketer to acquire for best marketing understanding.

Basic Marketing Concepts day 2 event covered the following topics:

  1. Consumer Behavior.
  2. Adoption Process
    • Innovators
    • Early Adopters
    • Early Majority
    • Late Majority
    • Laggards
  3. The Marketing Environment
    • Internal Environment
    • Micro-environment
    • Macro-environment
  4. Marketing Information System (MIS)
    • Internal Database
    • Marketing Intelligence (CIU)
    • Marketing Research
  5. Marketing Research Process
    1. Problem Identification research.
    2. Problem Solving Research.
  6. Marketing Research Methodologies.
    1. Primary Research
      • Qualitative Research
      • Quantitative Research
    2. Secondary Research
      • Internal Source
      • External Source
  7. Primary Vs Secondary Research
  8. Full Service Vs Limited Service Marketing Research Agencies.